Rhythm is life and life is rhythm...

  Rhythm is the expression of motion in time. Our days, lives, and universe are governed by rhythms that, like clockwork, express the universe, as it is perceived. We are physically guided by the rhythms of celestial bodies. The vital systems of our bodies work in concert to support our existence and experience in this life. Rhythm dominates our existence, yet, so many of us fall out of tune with these rhythms.

Yoga is a collection of disciplines and practices that tune our bodies. Drumming is a collection of disciplines and practices that tunes and then expresses our awareness of these celestial and universal rhythms in sonic form.


Physical Warm-up

Utilize Pranayama, Hatha, and Vinyasa elements to prepare the body and mind for rhythmic awareness and fluid kinesthetic function. Focus will be placed on controlling breath and heart rate through rhythmic awareness.

Movement in Time

Transition from warm-up to movement awareness. Focus on listening to how different rhythms move different parts of the body. Focus on “visual tuning” – moving in sync with a group.

Technique and Form

Learn the proper form to sit, hand positions, drum placements, aural-kinesthetic connection, physical properties of the drums, and sound production.

Hand Mantras

Learn how to focus on one hand at a time and to control the hemispheres of the brain by learning binary patterns with the hands that will prepare the hands for simple to complex rhythmic patterns. These exercises will increase hemispherical independence and rhythmically tune the body and mind.

Rhythmic Systems & Traditional Rhythms

This segment of the class focuses on presenting a variety of traditional Afro-centric folkloric rhythmic systems and the spiritual and philosophical premises of these rhythms. The class will then learn a variety of rhythmic “parts” to play as an ensemble. This segment galvanizes the aspects of Yoga, movement, and meditation by focusing on egolessness, mantra, interconnectedness, and rhythmic discipline.

Take Home Meditations

Guides, exercises, and meditations to continue your explorations in to rhythm and drumming will be provided.