Jesse Joaquin Parker

T: 480.388.1866

Johanna Nelson Parker

T: 432.940.9506


Work with community oriented spaces, educational institutions, private well-being spaces, and workplaces to provide a workshop/class that incorporates the study of rhythm, yoga, and traditional drumming disciplines to enhance participants’ connection to their rhythmic selves and to the rhythmic world around us. Experience in music and/or yoga is not necessary and newcomers are encouraged to participate!


·   An open space which will comfortably accommodate set number of participants

·   Seating is required for all participants. It is suggested that the studio provide seating, however, up to 15 chairs can be provided by Mr. Parker if needed.

·   Drums can be provided for up to 20 people and there will be drums for sale at the class.


Mr. Parker will provide fliers, announcements on social media (Facebook, Twitter), website, and email list. Client is expected to post fliers and help spread announcements via website, social media, email radio, and local publications within a reasonable amount of time prior to the event.


If the institution has an attendance system in place we can use it. If there is no attendance system in place we will take responsibility for records and payments.


$20 per person per 90 minute session without drum

$15 per person per 90 minute session participants bring own drum

We can book up to three 90-minute sessions per day.

Payment can be accepted by cash, square, or paypal for pre-registration