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The Yoga of Drumming at CIMC Flagstaff

Join us March 12 at The Center for Indigenous Music and Culture for an afternoon of rhythmic exploration!
2:00PM - 4:00PM
$10 w/ a student ID

Jesse Joaquin Parker, professional percussionist and professor of music, will guide participants in an exploration of drumming technique, rhythmic discipline, and auditory independence while connecting body movement, internal rhythm, and hemi-spherical independence. A variety of traditional rhythms including those of West Africa, the Caribbean, and South America will be incorporated into the practice.
Rhythm is life and life is rhythm.... Rhythm is the expression of motion in time. Our days, lives, and universe are governed by rhythms that, like clockwork, express the universe, as it is perceived. We are physically guided by the rhythms of celestial bodies. The vital systems of our bodies work in concert to support our existence and experience in this life. Rhythm dominates our existence, yet, so many of us fall out of tune with these rhythms. Transcendental Rhythm: The Yoga of Drumming combines the practice of drumming and conscious bodywork to help participants attune their bodies with the celestial and universal rhythms in sonic form. Balance, awareness, listening and meditation are enhanced through this unique fusion of rhythm practice and yoga.